The Book of Revelation

This work is the result of 20 years worth of personal research and bible study. It has not been influenced by bible college teachings, which, more often than not push other men's conclusions. It is the result of four ordinary guys, none of whom are college graduates. I hope you benefit from it.

About the Authors
America's place in the Book of Revelation
Date of writing
Is Revelation pertinent to the Christian walk?
The various modes of interpretation
Rules for interpreting prophecy.

Chapter One
John meets a new Jesus.
Chapter Two
Letters to 7 churches, Part One
Chapter Three
Letters to 7 churches, Part Two
Chapter Four Throne scene #1
Chapter Five The Lamb receives the covenant.
Chapter Six Six seals
Chapter Seven Identifying the Chosen Ones.
Chapter Eight The first three announcements of judgment.
Chapter Nine The poisonous influence of false doctrine.
Chapter Ten The Gospel goes forth.
Chapter Eleven
The Church begins to replace Israel.
Chapter Twelve
God's people and Satan's persecution.
Chapter Thirteen The Unholy Trinity and humanity's desire to follow the Devil.
Chapter Fourteen
Choosing sides and reaping the rewards and consequences.
Chapter Fifteen God's Final Judgment is prepared.
Chapter Sixteen The Seven Bowls of judgment are poured out on mankind.
Chapter Seventeen Unfaithful Israel is destroyed by Rome.
Chapter Eighteen A detailed description of God's punishment of the unrepentant Jews.
Chapter Nineteen The Word of God judging mankind and its evil influences.
Chapter Twenty
Resurrections, rewards and judgments.
Chapter Twenty-One
Is this heaven?
Chapter Twenty-Two Wrapping things up.

Two short dissertations by Charlie Burt

What Is the Beast?
Of Kings and Kingdoms