The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
adapted from Edward Gibbon's original work. (Read the Introduction to see what was modified, deleted, etc.)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Rome's military is described.
Chapter 2 Rome's population, freedoms, tolerance, architectural achievements.
Chapter 3 96 - 180 AD. Augustus, Caligula, Flavian, Hadrian, Pius & Marcus Antonine.
Chapter 4 180 - 192 AD. The Cruelties, Follies, and Murder of Commodus—Election of Pertinax—His Attempts to Reform the State—His Assassination by the Pretorian Guards
Chapter 5
Public Sale of the Empire to Didius Julianus By the Pretorian Guards—Clodius Albinus In Britain, Pescennius Niger in Syria, and Septimius Severus in Pannonia, Declare Against the Murderers of Pertinax—Victory of Severus Over his Three Rivals—Relaxation of Discipline—New Maxims of Government
Chapter 6 208 - 225 AD. The Death of Severus—Tyranny of Caracalla—Usurpation of Macrinus—Follies of Elagabalus—Virtues of Alexander Severus—Licentiousness of the Army—General State of the Roman Finances
Chapter 7 235 - 248 AD. The Elevation and Tyranny of Maxim—Rebellion In Africa and Italy, Under the Authority of the Senate—Deaths of Maxim and His Son, of Maximus and Balbinus, and of the Three Gordians—Usurpation and Secular Games of Philip.
Chapter 8 The State of Persia After the Restoration of the Monarchy By Artaxerxes.
Chapter 9 The State of Germany Till the Invasion of the Barbarians, In the Time of the Emperor Decius.
Chapter 10 248 - 268 AD. Emperors Decius, Gallus, Aemilianus, Valerian, and Gallienus—The General Irruption of the Barbarians.
Chapter 11 268 - 275 AD. Reign of Claudies—Defeat of the Goths—Victories, Triumph and Death of Aurelian.
Chapter 12 275 - 284 AD. Conduct of the Army and Senate After the Death of Aurelian—Reigns of Tacitus, Probus, Carus, and His Sons.
Chapter 13 285 - 318 AD. The Reign of Diocletian and His Three Associates, Maximian, Galerius, and Constantius—General Reestablishment of Order and Tranquility—The Persian War, Victory and Triumph—The New Form of Administration—Abdication and Retirement of Diocletian and Maximian.
Chapter 14 305 - 323 AD. Troubles After the Abdication of Diocletian—Death of Constantius—Elevation of Constantine and Maxentius—Six Emperors At the Same Time—Death of Maximian and Galerius—Victories of Constantine Over Maxentius and Licinius—Reunion of the Empire Under the Authority of Constantine.
Chapter 15 The Progress of the Christian Religion—Sentiments, Manners, Numbers, and Conditions of the Primitive Christians.
Chapter 16 The Conduct of the Roman Government Toward the Christians, From the Reign of Nero To That of Constantine.