Bible studies for spiritual adults.

Title Summary
Infallibility of the King James Bible How accurate is the KJV? A scholarly yet concise treatise on this emotional subject.
Leaving the Church Is a Christian ever justified in giving up assembling with other Christians?
Literalizing Prophecy The traps and snares we set up when trying to make prophetic language literal.
Biblical Perspectives on Fellowship Meals Randy Hohf's (Church of Christ) treatise on the Lord's Supper.
A Biblical Foundation For Marriage Marriage, "re-marriage," divorce, and other topics are examined in this 7-part dissertation.
Music in the Church A hard-but-honest look at the Church of Christ's perspective on music in worship.
The Rich Man & Lazarus Intended as an example of how to properly divide the word of truth by what is and what is not in the text.
The Woman At the Well Part 2 of how to study God's word. Was the woman of Samaria as sinful as preachers say?
The Christian's Dual Nature Part 3 of how to study God's word. A close look at Romans 7.
Satan An in-depth look that exposes much of the error the church has been led to believe as truth.
The Gelding of the Church
How feminine influence has changed the Christian church.
Is Bible College Necessary to Preach/Teach?
How bible colleges have cornered the preacher/teacher market.
Only the Father Knows
How the Father's search for believers is tied to the End Time.

Bible studies for spiritual babes.

Accountability A subject that doesn't receive much attention in today's church. 
Baptism The bible says more FOR baptism than it does against it, yet most preachers says it's unnecessary for salvation. This short treatise looks at some of the arguments.
Can I Lose My Salvation?
Once John Calvin came up with predestination, he then had to go back and invent the doctrine of Eternal Security.
Should Christians endorse cremation?
Does God Choose Who Is To Be Saved and Who Is To Be Lost?
A look at the doctrine of predestination.
Dying To Self
A poignant single-page explanation of what it means.
Election A simple, scriptural explanation of what election is.
Externals Does God care how we dress? How about tatoos, jewelry and those other "forbidden" practices?
Greed All sins are a form of greed. An indictment of American society.
He Eats With Sinners!
A look at religious hypocrisy.
Why did God create Hell?
How Do I Know I'm Really Saved? You will question the legitimacy of your salvation one day. Here are the marks of a true believer.
Idolatry A short biblical history on idol worship.
Idolatry In Society A look at how we've continued in our ancestors' footsteps.
Infant Baptism Did you know that greed was the motivator behind this Satanic doctrine? A look at sola scriptura.
Numbers In the Bible
A concise table of what various numbers mean in scripture.
Numbers That Show God's Hand In the Creation
Looking at science to prove that the Universe had a Designer.
Preachers Too much emphasis is placed on one person. Many have donned the collar and given a bad name to those trying to do the right thing.
So You Think You're Going to Heaven, Huh? Most people think they're headed for eternal bliss when the bible says just the opposite. Why?
So You Want To Be A Teacher, Huh? What makes a good teacher? And why would you want a job that may bring God's wrath?
Walking By Faith A look at Roy Cogdill's pamphlet that has cursed the Church of Christ with legalism.