My Psalms

Title Brief Synopsis Author
Church History Officially titled by the author, A Report on Churches of Christ from World War II to the Present. A fascinating and yet sad commentary on how petty differences have divided Christ's church. Jim Jonas
Commentary on the Book of Revelation A 20-year study on the most misunderstood and misapplied book in the bible. Terry DeLaney
Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbons' monumental work is brought to life with Latin translations and modern English. This is a 2-part file. Part 1 deals with the history prior to the Christian movement, while part 2 concentrates on the Christian history. Edward Gibbons
The End Time This book dispels the myths and exaggerations of today's "end times" movement. Unfortunately, so-called Christian book stores won't stock this book, since it contradicts the science-fiction that rakes in the money. Russell Boatman