Bogus Beliefs 3 Dollar Bill Stuff we THINK is in the bible when it aint.

Bogus Beliefs Concerning God, Christ & the Holy Spirit
Bogus Beliefs Concerning Heaven and Hell
You only need to trust in Christ to be saved. Our deceased relatives are up in heaven, watching over us.
I don’t need Christ—I can negotiate with God at the Judgment. God desires to torture people in hell for eternity.
The Pope is Jesus Christ on earth. I’m going to hell and I really don’t care.
“Let go and let God.” Aunt Betty is in a better place now, free from pain and suffering.
I have pictures of Jesus on my wall. Babies who died before being baptized will go to Hell.
I don't believe in God.
Satan and his demons manage hell and torture human beings who end up there.
Why does God allow evil to ruin the world?

Bogus Beliefs Concerning the Bible Bogus Beliefs Concerning Salvation
There are all kinds of ways to interpret the bible.God is calling Muslims to Christ with dreams.
The King James Version of the bible is the only one you should read. I can work my way to heaven.
The book of Revelation is about the end of the world. I think we’re reincarnated to try and get it right the next time.
The words of the Gospel have magical powers. Deathbed confessions count with God.
A person needs the original texts to really understand the bible. You can never lose your salvation.
The bible has hidden code words that reveal prophetic events. You can be saved one minute and lost the next.
Samson was built like a weightlifter and had huge muscles.
Door-knocking is an effective way to spread the Gospel.

Bogus Beliefs Concerning the End Times Miscellaneous Bogus Beliefs
There’s going to be an antichrist, a 7-year tribulation, and a reign of Christ upon the earth.Praying for the lost is a waste of time
Antichrist is coming!Hitler could have been saved if he had asked Jesus into his heart just before he died.
When the Gospel is preached to every person, Christ will come again.
Teachers incur a "stricter judgment" based on accuracy of understanding the bible.
Priests and Nuns Can't Get Married.
Bogus Beliefs Concerning the Church You’re judging me; Jesus said “Thou shalt not judge.”
Church is where you go to listen to sermons on hellfire and brimstone. It doesn’t matter what one believes, as long as you treat people right.
You should never forsake going to church for the sake of a job. A person shouldn't take narcotic-based prescription medication.
My church is the only one going to heaven. You need a college degree to be a preacher.
Boys are considered men after baptism.
I'm basically a good person.

We can’t help sinning—even after becoming a Christian!
Miscellaneous Bogus Beliefs Christians must be involved in politics and vote regularly.
Eve sinned by adding to God's Word.
Material prosperity is proof of God’s blessing in your life.
You should do whatever it takes to stay alive.
The Roman Empire slaughtered millions of Christians.
Long hair on a man is a sin.
Christianity is too judgmental against other religions.
You should forgive, no matter what.
“The Lord spoke to me…”
Mankind will live on other planets someday.

We must obey the government, even if it's evil.