If there was a God, why does He allow evil to infect the world?

This is perhaps the most-asked question by folks. They see God as an omnipotent being, and He is! But if he has all this unlimited power, why can’t he just swoop down out of heaven and set things straight? There are several reasons.

1. God is not our slave. He is not some genie in a bottle who does our bidding every time something goes wrong in the world. God does not play favorites. (Rom 2:11) Other versions say God sees each of us the same way. He is not impressed by credentials, social status, talent, or educational level. That being the case, if God were to “step and fetch” every time someone prayed, He would have to do it for every man, woman and child on the planet. Some may argue that this wouldn’t be a problem for an Almighty, Omniscient God.

2. God wants us to come to Him. There is a verse in Genesis that gives us a clue:

The LORD said, “My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.” (Gen 6:3)

In other words, the Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit) is not going to live with or in man. Why? Because we are made up of minds and bodies enslaved by sin. (Rom 6:17, 22) He is too holy to “pal around” with sinners. In the beginning, God had fellowship with certain individuals. (Gen. 3:8; 5:22) Eventually, He had to pull back and let mankind run its predetermined course.

3. We would have no reason to repent. If God was running around the globe putting out fires for every conflict and wrongdoing, the earth would be happy. But the urge to seek forgiveness for our sins just wouldn’t exist. If any did seek Him, it would be for His daily care, much like the crowds who followed Jesus for bread. (John 6) This is why it’s difficult for the wealthy to seek salvation—all of their needs are met. (Luke 18: 24, 25) The old bromide, “fat, dumb, and happy” applies here, the emphasis being on “dumb.” Never experiencing the calamities that befall the rest of us, rich folks go through life self-satisfied. They are not driven by hardship to seek out God, drop to their knees, and cry out for mercy. Why worry? God will take care of it!

4. Hard times is what brings people to Christ. Riding behind reason #3, it is hardship that oftentimes brings us to repentance. I’ve heard alcoholics testify that it was only after they had “hit bottom” that they finally realized their condition and were driven to find a remedy. Where do you find people praying to God? Around a hospital bed, where a loved one is slipping into Eternity. In the cockpit of an an aircraft as it plummets to earth. When the money runs out and hunger lurks nearby.

The excuse of God allowing Evil is rationalization by many to avoid coming to terms with their sin. “Well, if there was a God, he wouldn’t allow such-and-such to take place.” When Adam and Eve sinned, they essentially handed Satan the keys. The devil is called the Prince of this World for a reason. (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11) God doesn’t own it! And He allows terrible things because of the choices that we made and are still making. One has only to look at the court decisions made against Christianity and biblical teachings to verify who runs this world. And yet folks want God to run around like some scullery maid cleaning up our messes.

It’s not up to God to try and make this world a better place to live. We need to come to Him on His terms. You want God to clean up a mess? Then heed the call to salvation. Come to Christ and accept the sacrifice He made for your sins.