You have to have a college degree to be a preacher.

If that's the case, most of us are in serious trouble.

While the premise has good intentions, it also seeks to block any efforts from those of us who have no pedigree. We're not allowed to teach, preach, or have our opinions taken seriously. Fortunately, the Church of Christ doesn't hold to this and will allow anyone who can assemble a decent lesson to teach or preach. Mostly. Many CoCs have installed preachers. At any rate, when I preached as a young man, the older members rendered judgment on whether or not I knew what I was talking about.

On the downside, you get a lot of bad sermons and Bible studies if you have an inexperienced younger man behind the pulpit. But who said Sunday morning is where a person gets spiritual nourishment? Every man should be able to discern the word of God, not just the preacher.

When I moved to the Christian Church (same as the Church of Christ but without the legalism) it didn't take me long to figure out that the lack of a college degree placed me in the “know nothing” flock. Only the teacher—a man I admired greatly—had the knowledge. The Christian Church has good reasons for restricting teaching/preaching positions to those with conservative bible college and university degrees. There are many false teachers out there.

A twenty-something graduate may be able to come out of a Bible college knowing how to read Greek and quote verses from memory, but they lack the experience, hard times, and other tools that can only be sharpened on Life's grinding wheel.

This subject is discussed at length in the lessons section of this website.