Miscellaneous Bogus Beliefs

Eve sinned by adding to God's Word.

You should do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Long hair on a man is a sin.

You should forgive, no matter what.

Mankind will live on other planets someday.

We must obey the government, even if it's evil.

Praying for the lost is a waste of time

Hitler could have been saved if he had asked Jesus into his heart just before he died.

Teachers incur a "stricter judgment" based on accuracy of understanding the bible.

Priests and Nuns Can't Get Married.

You’re judging me; Jesus said “Thou shalt not judge.”

It doesn’t matter what one believes, as long as you treat people right.

A person shouldn't take narcotic-based prescription medication.

You need a college degree to be a preacher.

I'm basically a good person.

We can’t help sinning—even after becoming a Christian!

Christians must be involved in politics and vote regularly.

Material prosperity is proof of God’s blessing in your life.

The Roman Empire slaughtered millions of Christians.

Christianity is too judgmental against other religions.

“The Lord spoke to me…”

Religion has been the reason for most wars.